Emberly is my personal botanical dye adventure. It started as a space to play with a variety of different mediums to simply create.
Then, one day, out of the social media depths, I came across ECO PRINTING! That was it. From then on I have been truly consumed with the idea that I can dye with plants and make amazing, one of a kind, patterns using only things that come from the EARTH. 

Emberly pieces are dyed using plants & flowers I forage in the woods, my garden and everyday kitchen scraps like ~ onion skins & avocados!

I also love to use sustainably sourced organic dye extracts like logwood, quebracho, brazilwood and many more! These living dyes create an endless array of rich textures and tones. 

Every piece created by Emberly carries with it a reflection of our natural world and our connection to it. It is my hope that the creations you are drawn to fill you with joy, inspire you to reconnect with nature or simply add a little something unique to your life.

Embrace Nature

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